Wall Wraps and Murals

Transform your wall into endless potential.

Westcoast Wrap offers a wide selection for your wall wraps, from Vinyl to self-adhesive fabric wall wraps to give your wall the best look with quality brand name products you can trust. With custom digitally printed designs we can help give your business or home a fresh new look. We have in house designers that work with you for any design needed, we produce it in house, and can install anywhere in the 50 states and more.  As with all finishes, there is special care for your wall wraps that will help prolon. For more details about the removal time and process, ask one of our helpful associates.

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How large of a wall can we wrap?

We have yet to run into a wall that was too large. We can install something as small as a wall wrap in your children’s nursery to the entire interior of a warehouse. There are no constraints to the size of wall wrap we are willing to tackle. We print to suit whatever wall you desire.

Print or Paint?

Our vinyl wall wrap materials are a wonderful solution to showcase anything from your brand, to a picturesque mountain landscape . Our printed wall wraps can be much more cost-effective than painted murals. Depending on the wall surface it requires a lot less prep work. However we understand sometimes paint is needed for a specific look and feel. And are in touch with local artists we can commission.

How many wall materials are there?

With the popularity of wall wraps there are countless materials you can use. We print our wall wraps on a variety of materials. Mainly self-adhesive vinyl is used for most projects. A more upscale option is self-adhesive fabric, which has a textured print surface.  There are many other products that are constantly being introduced to the marketplace, so don’t hesitate to ask!