Our good buddy Reilyn called us up and wanted to do a Color Change Wrap on his APR tuned Stage II GTi. We talked it out, going through various color options and schemes and ended up going with 3M Matte Pine Green Metallic with a 3M Gloss Black roof.

This car is a rocket, with over 400 whp to all four wheels it handles like a roller skate so the color needed to match the vibe. The 3M Matte Pine Green Metallic was the perfect choice to turn heads while keeping it subdued yet commanding attention. Add in the hotness of a Gloss Black roof and it is unmistakably ‘that gti’.

As with most Vehicle Wraps the bumpers are the biggest challenge. There are many reasons a wrap can fail. We take care to make sure that doesn’t happen with a combination of inlays, priming certain locations and post heating (to name a few).

Inlays help so that the vinyl does not need to be overheated and over stretched to work it in on difficult contours. If you over stretch the vinyl you will have problems down the road very quickly. Some shops doing vehicle wraps, especially color changes, do not want a seam anywhere and we can understand that. Our philosophy is that 2-3 years from now we want your wrap to look as good as it does when you drive it home today. It takes skill, knowledge and more importantly experience to hide a seam so well that no one knows it’s there. Ensuring a long lasting beautiful vehicle wrap.

Tape Primer is basically a way of adding more stick on hard to reach places. On this particular car because it is so smooth we didn’t need much.

Post Heating is critical. One of the coolest parts about vehicle wrap vinyl is that when you stretch it, pull it off and heat it, it goes back to its original state so it is imperative that you post heat the vinyl once it is applied to the car. Post heating is like putting lotion on your skin so that you don’t get burned and peel. It teaches the vinyl that this is its new home and shape. Vinyl loves heat, too much and it can be bad, too little and it can be bad. It needs to be just right.

We take the time and care to ensure that we are putting out long lasting, quality, killer vehicle wraps. We want to see your car years down the road and have you say, ‘Hey, this still looks amazing!’

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